Convince your customers with virtual prototypes

With XR-EASY anyone can present a 3D model designed with experience and creativity in a VR headset like in real.

Whether you products, design rooms (apartments, kitchen, bath) or buildings (private, commercial, factory): Your 3D model will be transformed in no time into a virtual experience for your customers.


Does it really work that easily?

Continue working with your 3D design software and computer

You don’t need any VR expertise: Use your 3D design software and computer as usual to create your customer-specific planning or products.

The only requirement for using XR-EASY is the ability to export your 3D model in one of the following file formats: FBX, glTF 2.0 or OBJ.

Male architect in office
with just one click to the vr model

One click takes you to VR STUDIO

Next step is to start XR-EASY on your Windows computer and import the newly generated file with one click.

The 3D model will be converted automatically and placed in the VR STUDIO (first on screen).

Put on the VR headset and meet your reality

If your computer and the wireless headset are on the same network, the entire VR STUDIO is automatically transferred. Otherweise copy-and-paste.

In VR, the 3D model appears as it does in real. Saved textures are taken from the original plan. Can you imagine this?

Offer your clients an extraordinary experience

Your customers can move virtually through the future room. Or may experience the desired product in detail. This gives people a realistic impression of the 3D design right from the start.

The result are better-informed decisions, satisfied and delighted customers, and a faster close.


What’s so special about XR-EASY?


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Get started

How can I set up my VR STUDIO?

1. Use your VR headset, or buy or rent one

The XR-EASY VR STUDIO runs best on All-in-one (standalone) headsets such as Pico (4/4E, Neo 3/Pro/Eye), Meta Quest (Pro, 2 or 1), and Vive (Focus 3) among others. However, if you install our creator software on a VR-ready computer, you may also use a tethered headset like Oculus Rift (2), HTC Vive Pro (2), HP Reverb or others.

If you don’t have a suitable VR headset at hand, you can first borrow one from family members, friends, neighbors or from a shop. (Disclaimer: We can’t test all devices. Please give it a try and let us know!)

What always works is to order a new All-in-one headset from a specialized retailer, e.g. at https://bestware.com, with a 14-day return policy (cancellation period). The XR-EASY Space Planning Bundle offered there includes additional service depending on your IT skills.

Last but not least you need a stable Internet and WiFi connection to run your VR STUDIO.

2. Test VR STUDIO for free with a trial license (or without)

To present your own 3D models in the VR STUDIO: Just click “Free trial” and enter your details plus the Ethernet MAC address of your computer. The license will be sent by email and you can try it all for 14 days.

No license is required to try it with demo models: After the computer software and the headset app are installed, the virtual experience can begin independently from a license. Too bad: the teleport points are only available under license.

3. Download and install the XR-EASY software on your computer

Please note: To utilize your already paid planning software with VR, virtual prototypes are first created on your computer.

Download and install the suitable XR-EASY software version here (Windows only):

Requires Windows 10

4. Download and install the XR-EASY app on your VR headset

You can download the VR STUDIO app for your headset here and install it yourself.

You are able too, to share the VR model and experience with customers or partners who already have a suitable VR headset.

Meta app

Meta Quest Pro, Meta Quest 1/2

Pico app

PICO 4/Enterprise, PICO Neo3/Pro/Eye

5. Get started with your customers

Once the software and the app have been installed on your PC and headset, you’re ready to go.

Since XR-EASY is very user-friendly, you probably don’t need to read anything to start using it. For difficulties we have prepared a quick guide for download. We also provide a detailed online help.

Do you have questions about the offer or the setup? The XR-EASY team can be reached via the support request. We usually respond within one business day.

6. With a license you can present your own 3D models in VR

Have you already tried XR-EASY and need a license? You can purchase it right here in the online store.

At the latest with the purchase, we need your business email address as well as the MAC address of your Windows computer. Only with this we can create the new license and send it to you.

We recommend getting started with two headsets. Then you can meet in virtual space. Whether it’s yourself with customers or clients among yourselves.

Additional VR headsets and licenses for computer workstations where 3D models are to be prepared for VR can be added at any time.

We look forward to your start with VR STUDIO for spatial planning!


Virtual experiences at an affordable price


Recommended for building and space planning as well as product development.

$90$60 /month
per workstation with annual billing.
Additional discounts for 5 or more licenses/year.
  • Professionally showcase planned houses, apartments, kitchens or bathrooms with affordable VR headsets

  • Transform your CAD plans into a virtual experience for your customers within minutes, without any prior knowledge required

  • Your customers will experience dream spaces almost as realistically as in real life

  • Everyone can easily find their way around with flexible or fixed teleport points

  • Works with all-in-one VR headsets such as Meta Quest 2 and Pro, Pico 4 and Neo 3, or Vive Focus 3

  • Your existing Windows workstation is sufficient

or start a free 14-day trial

Select billing period

Select number of licenses

1 License selected

Total $60 per year
Tax not included

Frequently asked questions

We recommend buying popular All-in-one VR headsets such as Pico 4 (Enterprise) or Neo 3 (Pro/Eye), Meta Quest Pro or 2, HTC Vive Focus 3. For VR-ready PCs, many tethered headsets will also work.

The app for your VR headset can be found directly in the respective app store or be downloaded here. After downloading, the app has to be transferred to the headset manually. To do this, connect the device to the computer using the USB-C cable provided. Please place the app file in the “Downloads” folder and disconnect the cable again.

Then put on the headset, search for the app under Downloads, and click to start the installation of XR-EASY.

First, the desktop software (*.exe) must be installed on a Windows PC or notebook and the app on the all-in-one VR headsets. At least one computer requires a valid license for XR-EASY. All devices involved are on the Internet. If locally possible via the same network. Training is not required!

Then export a 3D model from your planning or CAD software in one of the suitable formats (FBX, glTF 2.0 or OBJ). The exported file is loaded into XR-EASY with a mouse click and, if the matching license is available, is automatically converted into a VR file (*.xvr) and saved there.

Once the conversion is complete and the 3D model appears in VR STUDIO, a VR session can be started on the computer as the “host”. The user on the desktop leads the session and remains recognizable to other participants as a “camera” with a user-defined name.

To participate in the session with a VR headset, the previously installed XR-EASY app is started. If the computer and the headset are in the same network, it asks whether you want to participate in the existing session.

If you agree, within the network the converted VR file (*.xvr) should be automatically transferred from the computer to the VR headset. Otherwise, files converted on the desktop can also be transferred manually to the VR glasses.

Even people sitting outside the network, e.g. remotely, can participate in the Coop-in-VR session. For this, they either need VR goggles with a suitable app version. Or they can download the same software version onto a Windows computer.

To participate, one needs on both types of devices, computer or VR glasses. In addition, there is Internet access and an identical copy of the VR file, which is stored in the XR-EASY folder “3D Models”.

By entering the session ID transmitted by the host, one can manually join the VR session from anywhere. Now the appropriate VR file, previously stored on the device, should be loaded automatically. If not, please search and load manually.

With the latest generation of all-in-one VR glasses, the so-called first-person perspective of a VR user can also be streamed to other screens and shared in video meetings, for example. In addition, video recordings and screenshots are enabled in the glasses, and can be further used via download.

You can test XR-EASY without a license with demo models. To evaluate crucial features like the automatic CAD-to-VR converter and teleport points, we will send you a 14-day trial license on request.

Contact us here.

Setting up and using XR-EASY is very simple with the quick start guide on our detailed help page.

Online subscriptions are for an indefinite term. You will be charged at the beginning of each billing cycle according to your subscription terms (annually or monthly). Unless you cancel the subscription in time.

Discover the advantages and fun with XR-EASY