Test XR-EASY and meet in VR or on screen using our VIEWER edition

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You are invited to download and test our VR software XR-EASY for free without a license.

Once the download is complete, all you need to do is unzip the file and launch “XR-EASY.exe” (Windows only).

The following description will help you to get started with the VIEWER edition and become familiar with XR-EASY’s basic functionality.


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1. System requirements

Please be sure that your PC (desktop or notebook) meets the system requirements. For the desktop mode an up-to-date Windows computer is sufficient whereas the VR mode needs a gamer graphics card.

Desktop mode


– Windows 7+ (Mac not supported)
– No matter if high-end or low-budget computer

VR mode

VR mode

– Intel® i5-7500 or AMD® Ryzen 5 2600X
– NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 480
– 16 GB RAM
– Windows 7+ (Mac not supported)
– Compatible video connection

– HP Reverb G2
– HTC VIVE family: Cosmos, Focus 3, Pro (2)
– Meta / Oculus Quest (2)
– Oculus Rift (S)
– Pico Neo3 (Pro/Link)

*VIEWER tests with standalone headsets currently only in streaming mode possible

2. Create your own immersive experience

Test XR-EASY with your VR headset and exciting prototypes:

  • Click on “Start offline” and import a selectable VR prototype file from the folder “3D Models”
  • When your headset is connected you can click bottom right on the VR icon to switch to VR view (or back)
  • Now put your headset on

2.1. Test provided prototypes

We have converted some 3D CAD files into VR models with which you can test the software.


2.2. Test your own prototypes

The free VIEWER edition does not provide an automatic CAD-to-VR converter. For this we can convert your 3D CAD file(s) on a test basis and send them to you. The prerequisite for this is that you provide us with some business information.

Upload your 3D CAD file(s) below (max. 100 MB) and we will send you a download link with the converted VR models within 24 hours

3. Meet in VR or on screen with others

Collaborate with other XR-EASY users in a shared virtual environment via the use of a Session ID:

  1. Click on “Start Coop”
  2. Select “Join Session” or “Host Session”
  3. Enter your “User Name” that will be visible above your avatar in VR
  4. Joining or hosting a session:
    • Before you can join a session, the host must provide you with the session ID, which you enter in the corresponding field and then click “Join”
    • If you want to start a session as host, choose a 3D model (e.g. out of the related folder); then click on “Host” and send others the session ID that will be shown at start; your session ID is always visible top right and by touching the cloud icon
  5. If you want to switch between VR headset and desktop view, click bottom right on the VR icon

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