Experience 3D CAD models like in real with XR-EASY

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From a user’s perspective, the simple use of XR-EASY, without previous knowledge or training is decisive.

Thanks to intuitive operation by means of unique hand interaction (powered by Ultraleap), the 3D models can be experienced at any time like in real 1:1 and 360°. Of course, you can also use your standard controllers.

No matter whether on the factory floor, at the engineer’s desk, in a meeting room with co-workers and business partners, at the trade fair or during an on-site appointment of buyers and sellers.

The software license often pays for itself with the first use.

Anytime. Anywhere. Anyone.

Use VR in any planning phase

To achieve your objective with shorter intervals: The VR tool is at hand for more agility in your development process anytime.

Meet colleagues and customers virtually across the globe

This VR software offers the most cost-effective way to collaborate with counterparts across locations and companies, just like an on-site meeting.

The most user-friendly VR tool for engineering

Anyone can operate the virtual prototypes with bare hands: This allows you to easily involve all employees, customers and suppliers within minutes.

XR-EASY features for assembly planning, design reviews & showrooms

Now, how can you get started?

1. Select the right VR hardware

VR-ready gaming hardware is commercially available anywhere and includes a Windows PC (laptop or desktop) and a suitable VR headset. Together with a Leap Motion sensor for hand tracking, you can skip the controllers right away.

2. Subscribe to XR-EASY (or test first)

Our VR Software is a must-have for all working with common 3D CAD formats. We offer STUDIO, SHOWROOM and PRO licenses by annual subscription including updates. With the VIEWER Edition you can also start without a license and for free.

3. Install and start the software

Either you or your IT partners set up the VR tool and install the XR-EASY “EXE”. Right after that, simply upload your CAD data and start in VR without training!

Test XR-EASY with your team today

Test the software features

VR prototyping anytime

Meet virtually or on screen

Frequently Asked Questions

XR-EASY is the most user-friendly Virtual Reality (VR) software for industrial engineering. The innovative technology for working with virtual prototypes is used along the entire development process. Particular attention is paid to planning errors that are difficult to identify without VR.

Our customers’ applications include work and assembly planning, ergonomics study, determination of assembly sequences, overall production and layout planning, special machinery and plant construction as well as technical purchasing and sales.

Overall, the development and planning phases are shortened. Elaborate mockups and real prototypes become superfluous. The bottom line is that companies save a lot of time and money.

XR-EASY is started and operated by users themselves, anywhere and at any time within a few minutes. So, anyone can automatically generate virtual prototypes from 3D CAD data at the push of a button. Immediately afterwards, with VR glasses and your bare hands (instead of annoying controllers, which you can however also use), you can work virtually at planned workstations, production lines or machines, or you present in a 360-degree all-round view.

Together with co-workers and business partners, critical design reviews and virtual assembly processes become possible quickly and anywhere. Ergonomics checks can also be carried out at a very early stage in order to assess the physical stress situation at the respective workplace.

XR-EASY basically supports all common 3D-CAD file formats. The possibilities essentially depend on the structure and the number of polygons, less on the file size. The performance of the VR hardware is also crucial.

The PRO Edition of XR-EASY offers a fully automated CAD-to-VR converter for importing the standard data exchange formats STEP (AP203, AP214, AP242), JT and OBJ. Other native formats from the CAD providers Catia, Creo, NX, Solidworks and others can also be booked.

VR-enabled gaming hardware is widely available and includes a Windows PC (laptop or desktop) and a suitable VR headset. Together with a leap motion sensor for hand tracking, you can safely omit the controllers.

Either you or your IT partner set up the VR tool and install the XR-EASY “EXE”. After that simply upload your CAD data and start in VR without training!

You can test the VR software extensively in advance. You can download the license-free VIEWER Edition here for free and get started.

In the operational environment, you can also test your own models in VR. You can send us your 3D CAD models and contact details here.

If the file/s meet the requirements, we will send you a link to download the converted VR models within 24 hours on weekdays.

Professional interested parties can also arrange a 14-day test phase with a full license in order to be able to comprehensively test the PRO Edition independently.

The VR software is used by XR-EASY users worldwide with a wide variety of VR hardware. As a VR tool, this also works in very restrictive corporate IT environments. The benefit of the VR tool is already high at a single workstation that is not connected to a network.

Many users connect to the outside world via the Internet (company or guest WLAN) to collaborate with colleagues and business partners. An open CLOUD solution is used, for which IT ports may have to be activated. Unauthorized participation by third parties with the appropriate CAD model is in principle impossible.

If necessary, global companies can still book an on-premise CLOUD solution with the highest security standards across different areas and locations.

Setting up and starting a VR tool with the XR-EASY software is possible with little IT knowledge. The installation instructions for hardware and software are tailored to the consumer world and are therefore easy to understand. In addition, there are many comprehensible video instructions online, e.g. on YouTube or in specialist media.

A detailed help page with text, images and videos is also available to XR-EASY users at all times.

For PRO customers and testers, the XR-EASY team is available via email during working hours.

In short: you can do it yourself, we can support you!

Get your 3D model converted

Please send us your 3D CAD file(s) (max 100mb) that you want to get converted to VR file(s) that can be used with XR-EASY. We will send you a download link for your converted file(s) within 24 hours.