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R3DT at AWE 2022

R3DT launched the XR-EASY App for all-in-one headsets at the AWE in Lisbon

With international trade shows such as the Augmented World Expo (AWE) 2022 and the annual Web Summit, the Portuguese city of Lisbon is considered a hotspot for IT startups. Here, in October 2022, R3DT’s team met many other innovators from the AR, VR, and mixed reality scenes from around the world.


ELABO uses the VR software XR-EASY for product planning

ELABO uses the VR software XR-EASY for simulation and visualization of workplace solutions and testing systems. The interactive 3D representation combined with virtual reality allows for the viewing and optimization of complex 3D-CAD models in virtual space.


R3DT markets new VR software as XR-EASY

R3DT, a VR pioneer from Karlsruhe, is focused on offering the most user-friendly virtual reality software for engineering and planning. To emphasize this, they have rebranded and now market their software under the name XR-EASY.

what is xr

What is XR?

Whether it’s VR games, virtual real estate tours or measuring furniture with the help of a smartphone, the so-called Extended Reality (XR) has already arrived in our everyday lives, without many people even realizing it.

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