VR in education

In the field of education, new technologies are taking on an increasingly important role. The use of Virtual Reality (VR) in teaching is particularly exciting. In this article and video, we take a look at the insights of Tim Jansen, Professor and Program Director at DHBW for Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Production Technology, and Kilian Klumpp, an enthusiastic student, who share their experiences regarding the benefits of VR.

Learn more about the advantages of Virtual Reality in education in the following video featuring Tim Jansen and Kilian Klumpp or continue reading below.

The world of Virtual Reality at the DHBW Horb Campus

An exciting world of Virtual Reality (VR) unfolds at the DHBW Horb Campus of the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Stuttgart. Here, dedicated students collaborate on individually tailored learning scenarios that cater to their specific needs. These projects particularly focus on the areas of workplace ergonomics and production planning.

Professor Tim Jansen, head of the Mechanical Engineering program with a focus on Production Technology at DHBW in Horb, summarizes it: “Our students regularly engage with topics such as workplace ergonomics, especially in assembly workstations, to develop the best possible designs. Additionally, we are involved in a research project that deals with AI-based object recognition from point clouds. The data obtained is made available through a VR interface. Another focus lies on the exciting topic of production planning, which we advance through corresponding VR projects.”

Knowledge exchange at the Steinbeis Transfer Center Digital Workspace

Furthermore, the Steinbeis Transfer Center Digital Workspace at the Horb am Neckar campus facilitates intensive knowledge exchange between the industry and the university. This provides students and industrial partners with a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the latest VR hardware and simultaneously collaborate with the industry on exciting projects.

Kilian Klumpp: Practical experience with VR in education

Kilian Klumpp, a graduate of DHBW, experienced firsthand the transition from traditional testing methods to Virtual Reality. In his bachelor’s thesis, he designed a workplace and recalls, “Originally, we wanted to test the workplace using Cardboard Engineering. However, my professor pointed out that Cardboard Engineering with cardboard models was no longer contemporary and suggested trying out Virtual Reality.” With the help of VR software XR-EASY, the dedicated student was able to create the workplace precisely and conduct extensive ergonomics checks. This allowed him to evaluate the workplace from various perspectives, including the requirements of individuals of different sizes.

XR-EASY for educational institutions

DHBW Stuttgart impressively demonstrates how Virtual Reality is successfully used in education and industry. To actively promote the future of VR in education and industry, we offer significantly discounted PRO licenses specifically for universities and colleges, technical schools and practical training institutions, as well as corporate training departments. We firmly believe that education and industry go hand in hand, and we are ready to contribute to that partnership.

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