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XR-EASY is the most user-friendly Virtual Reality (VR) software for everyday use in industrial engineering.

Users can virtualize 3D-CAD data at the push of a button (without special knowledge) anytime and anywhere. Anyone can put on the VR headset and work with bare hands (or using annoying controllers). In this way, 3D models can be experienced 1:1 within a few minutes, just like in real life. Essential use cases are design reviews, work and assembly planning including ergonomics studies, layout planning of factories and production lines, in the development of machines and plants as well as in technical project planning.

Alone or in teamwork, hardly identifiable errors are found, especially in early phases. In addition, the development process is shortened. Complex mockups and real prototypes become superfluous. Cross-location and cross-company work in VR is also possible at the push of a button. This avoids a lot of travelling. The bottom line is that companies save a lot of time and money.

You are welcome to test XR-EASY intensively anytime, anywhere and with the whole team.

We thank our partners for their support over many years

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Innovative virtual reality tools simplify production planning. Errors are avoided and costs are reduced at an early stage.

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R3DT’s software can be used, for example, to visualize production plants on a one-to-one scale: the user’s own hands serve as an aid, for example to bring objects closer or move them.

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In early planning phases, virtual prototypes are used to avoid errors that would otherwise be difficult to identify….

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MM MaschinenMarkt

“You yourself load your 3D CAD data onto a virtual platform, directly at your desk or in the meeting room. You can do this anytime, quickly and anywhere.”

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Our chronicle from Spin-off to VR solution provider


Product delivery of version 1.6 of R3DT’s Cross Connected® software


R3DT presents the world novelty “Ergo-Check in Virtual Reality” at the Hannover Fair, which is directly integrated in the Cross Connected® software


Germany’s largest seed investor High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) participates in the VR start-up R3DT GmbH; the shareholders decide to change the company’s name to R3DT GmbH and to relocate the company’s headquarters to Karlsruhe


Rüdenauer 3D Technology becomes one of “100 Places for Industry” and is awarded as a beacon project for the production of the future by the Alliance Industry 4.0 Baden-Württemberg


The KIT Spin-off becomes one of the first founding teams in the de:hub of the Digital Hub Initiative of the German Federal Government


Market launch of the new Cross Connected® standard software for virtual reality applications in industrial engineering at the Motek 2017 trade fair in Stuttgart


Achim Schneider becomes first Business Angel and as co-founder also managing director of the GmbH


The company’s virtual reality platform is honoured by Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier as an “Outstanding Place in the Land of Ideas 2017


Conclusion of a cooperation agreement between Rüdenauer 3D Technology and the Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH


The young start-up is awarded a prize in the Handling Award competition at the Motek trade fair in Stuttgart


The founding team wins the Best Concept Award of the Baden-Württemberg IT scene as CyberChampion


Moving into the Cyberlab in Karlsruhe, the IT accelerator of the state of Baden-Württemberg, and implementation of the product idea


Foundation of Rüdenauer 3D Technology GmbH with headquarters in Bad Mergentheim, Andreas Rüdenauer becomes managing director


With the product idea “XC Holo-Deck” as an interactive 3D visualization platform, the team wins the “BW Goes Mobile Award” ideas competition


Andreas Rüdenauer and his team start as a spin-off of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) at the Institute of Vehicle System Technology (FAST) from the Chair of Mobile Machines (Mobima)