What users say about XR-EASY

Discover how our customers benefit from Virtual Reality

michael mohren
Michael Mohren

The VR tool from R3DT really gives you a feel for the haptics right from the planning stage, especially during the ergonomics check.

marius mutter
Marius Mutter

With XR-EASY, our team can validate assembly concepts ahead of time just like in real life. We use existing data from factory planning as input.

felix strassburger
Dr. Felix Straßburger

With XR-EASY, our team can validate assembly concepts ahead of time just like in real life. We use existing data from factory planning as input.

Martin Effenberg
Martin Effenberg
EFFENBERG Holz Design Wohnen (Wien)

After I couldn’t see any pitfalls in the webinar, we immediately ordered a VR headset and the add-on for our software.

The VR system is truly unique: for the 3D presentation of plannings in virtual reality, there is no extra effort required. In return, you get a brilliant 360-degree added value.

My team and a few good customers already found it great when trying it out with completed projects. Now I’m sure that they will find it even easier to give approval in the VR headset based on our drawings!

Simone Rieth
RK Küchenkultur GmbH (Böblingen)

It was important to me to find a solution for the exciting topic of VR presentations where the hardware does not become a hindrance in everyday life.

The setup of the virtual showroom is possible at any time without rigid technology. In a few seconds, the planned kitchen is transferred to the headset. Immediately afterwards, customers can easily move around in it.

I was really impressed by XR-EASY because we can use a new sales technique in the simplest way that will ultimately excite all customers.

It doesn’t get any easier!

arthur schneider
Arthur Schneider
Der Küchenschneider GmbH (München)

What has excited me about XR-EASY from the beginning is the ability to meet multiple people in a virtual space.

The great experience for the new kitchen becomes real even in the proposal phase.

This helps the customer greatly in making a decision for a design option as the planning and spatial conditions correspond to reality.

Simply great!

Bernhard Fischer
Bernhard Fischer
Schreinerei Fischer (Joinery in Munich)

We did virtual designs from day 1 after receiving the VR glasses and the response is more than positive. No matter if young or old, people love to take the option and are enthusiastic!

In the meantime, the VR solution is a real money-spinner: customers even recommend me because of the design reviews I offer in virtual reality. This is because people can really see the details and have a spatial feeling, even in the smallest areas. So they can specify their change requests early on.

It’s a lot better than just on the screen or a printed presentation!

Holger Herrmann
HAMMES|Software GmbH

We have been looking for a VR solution for a long time, where the threshold for our customers is low, in order to effectively use this forward-looking possibility for the presentation of kitchens and living spaces.

With the professional and innovative team of R3DT, we have found a cooperation partner with whom we can perfectly implement the requirements from the market.

HAMMES|XR-EASY has matured into an intuitive product for all users, leaving no questions unanswered. HAMMES|XR-EASY sets the interaction between sales and customer to a new level and thus offers added value in closing any order!

danny hammer
Danny Hammer
Hammer Margrander Interior (Ettlingen)

Customers have a better idea using the virtual presentation whether the new interior corresponds to their initial idea or if any changes are required. This helps to avoid misunderstandings in the first place!

Mercurio Nardozza

XR-EASY is an innovative virtual reality solution that revolutionizes customer interactions in kitchen studios and carpentry businesses. With XR-EASY, planned spaces can be experienced in real-time and actual size. This allows customers to have impressive experiences while keeping costs low and takes spatial planning to a whole new level.