Virtual Showroom

The XR-EASY virtual showroom, as a “trade fair stand in VR headsets”, offers the opportunity to present your products, machines and systems to interested parties anytime and anywhere. With this highly flexible, location-independent and much cheaper alternative compared to real showrooms and expensive trade fair stands, customers are convinced more quickly and given better advice. XR-EASY enables the creation of VR showrooms from existing 3D CAD models within minutes.

Trade fair stands in VR make it possible to experience products at any time

The main advantage of virtual showrooms with XR-EASY lies in the immersive experience of the products, which customers can be offered at any time on site, on the go or at a distance. In the VR room, for example, everyone can perceive machines or equipment very realistically, since they are in front of them and have real dimensions and actual proportions. In the live conversation, as at the trade fair stand, special design features and virtual variants are discussed in detail. In this way, customer requests can be anticipated at an early stage. The bottom line is delighted customers, better-informed decisions, and a faster deal.

Advantages of XR-EASY Showrooms

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  • In the virtual sales talk, existing or individually designed products and projects can be experienced as if they were real and discussed together
  • The VR showroom is ready for use anytime and anywhere: Either with existing VR hardware or after sending self-sufficient VR glasses to customers who are inexperienced in VR and who can start them with ease
  • The virtual exchange starts via the Coop cloud like a Teams or Zoom meeting, the internet connection is sent with the VR glasses, everything works after a few minutes
  • Travel is saved and meetings “like in real life” are possible despite travel restrictions – worldwide
  • Sales and customers create a common understanding, can discuss wishes at an early stage and avoid planning errors

If you would like to take advantage of virtual sales rooms, please contact us. We would be happy to present XR-EASY using your own 3D-CAD data.

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