XR-EASY in the specialist magazine Bauen Aktuell 2023-05

The Bauen aktuell Magazine is an information source for professionals in the construction industry, providing insights into the latest innovations in areas such as architecture, BIM, construction IT, and many others. In a recently published article in Bauen Aktuell 2023-05, the application of Virtual Reality (VR) was highlighted, which can now be used cost-effectively and without an additional graphics card, thanks to XR-EASY, the simple VR software from R3DT.

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Undoubtedly, the use of Virtual Reality (VR) is helpful in avoiding misunderstandings in planning. However, this has been costly and cumbersome until now. New VR headsets are now usable without the need for additional graphics cards, allowing 3D drawings from familiar CAD programs to be transferred to the VR scene at any time.

Guest room with a person in VR
Thoroughly visualize and refine small-scale plans in detail with Virtual Reality.

To make new VR possibilities accessible with familiar CAD programs and existing hardware, the startup R3DT GmbH from Karlsruhe offers a complementary VR tool. The solution allows for a virtual tour of the building site or extensively planned interiors without much additional effort. ‘It doesn’t get any easier than VR,’ says Achim Schneider, co-founder of the startup: within a few minutes, stakeholders can explore the rooms with the help of a wireless VR headset and gain an authentic impression of the planning. During the virtual discussion, open questions can be clarified more comprehensibly and decisions can be secured. This leads to satisfied customers as well as enhanced reputation for architects, interior designers, craftsmen, trade fair builders, as well as kitchen and bathroom specialists who utilize VR for their specific needs.

Just with a VR headset
The user-friendly software ‘XR-EASY’ merely requires a wireless VR headset, such as the new models from Meta (Quest), Pico, or Vive, and an internet connection. 3D models are exported from the CAD program in supported formats such as FBX, GLTF, and OBJ, converted to VR, and automatically transmitted to the VR headset. This innovative package can be utilized in the office, conference room, exhibition, or at the client’s location.

3D model of a dining area
From CAD programs, 3D models can be exported in formats such as FBX, GLTF, or OBJ, converted into VR, and automatically transferred to the VR headset.

The initial users of the VR studio are thrilled with the simplicity and positive responses from their customers. Martin Effenberg from the interior design and carpentry Effenberg in Vienna praises the 360-degree added value it offers. Arthur Schneider, a kitchen and living space planner from Munich, is pleased with the realistic experience for customers, even in the proposal phase, emphasizing how helpful it is in decision-making for design variations. For interior specialist Danny Hammer from Hammer Margrander Interior in Ettlingen, one of the greatest advantages of VR is the avoidance of misunderstandings at the beginning of every plan.

R3DT’s VR software has been used since 2017 with comprehensive features in the industry for assembly planning and design reviews. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the startup collaborated with industry specialists to develop the VR studio variant. The suitable headsets are available in specialty stores. Those who have them receive a 14-day trial license. Small and medium-sized businesses can also benefit from various federal and state funding programs for digitization projects such as VR. For more details, visit www.xr-easy.com/vr-studio.

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