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VR in education

VR in education

This article discusses the use of Virtual Reality (VR) in education at the Dualen Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW), with a focus on workplace ergonomics and production planning. Additionally, it highlights the practical experiences of a dedicated student and the active involvement of DHBW in utilizing VR for educational purposes.

Differences between Virtual Reality and 360°

While at first glance, Virtual Reality and 360° recordings may appear similar, the crucial difference becomes clear as soon as you start moving. A 360° recording is captured from a…

Ergonomics in the assembly workplace: Tips and Tricks

In today’s labor-intensive world, workplace ergonomics is crucial. Especially in production, where employees perform repetitive tasks for hours, it is important to ensure they work in an ergonomically favorable environment. In this blog article, we will present tips and tricks for workplace ergonomics in production and explain how XR-EASY can help.

ergonomics check with vr

Ergo-Check: A VR feature that makes your work healthy

In order to set up workspaces in an ergonomic correct manner, we have extended our VR tool with a fully integrated mode that supports industrial engineers in making work on the machines healthy and dynamic.

Layout planning in Cross Connected

The R3DT Virtual Reality tool in Cardboard Engineering

Cardboard Engineering has put industrial engineering on a new base and made production processes faster and safer through rapid prototyping. With the Virtual Reality (VR) tool from R3DT GmbH, industrial engineering is taking the step into Cardboard Engineering 4.0.