Ergo-Check: A VR feature that makes your work healthy

ergonomics check with vr

You are already using R3DT’s VR Tool? Then stay up to date about special modes and features that users should not miss. Curious? Let’s start with the “ergo check” mode, which we presented as a world first at the Motek trade fair in September 2019:

Ergonomic Workplace

The fact that incorrect posture or strain on the body can cause long-term damage is generally not a new medical insight. Especially manual activities working with machines or in assembly, when employees often work eight hours with long postures or repeated forced movements, require a balanced, humane workplace design. Progressive companies have already recognized this problem long time ago and use theoretical methods in early planning phases to guarantee healthy posture and ergonomics for their employees.


With the world novelty of R3DT, the advantages of virtual reality are now coming into play. In order to set up workspaces in an ergonomic correct manner, we have extended our VR tool with a fully integrated mode that supports industrial engineers in making work on the machines healthy and dynamic. Thanks to the early ergonomic checks, VR makes it possible to plan healthy workplaces instead of having to make lengthy adjustments afterwards.

The virtual “Ergo-Check” helps to avoid physical overload and the associated consequential damage. Errors in ergonomics are detected and prevented at an early stage. A decisive factor for planners is the possibility for example, to include expert knowledge of colleagues in the early phase. These can easily put on the VR glasses themselves and experience their future workplace on the virtual prototype. Such feedback for the elimination of planning errors was simply impossible in the past.

Ergo check with VR

Work above heart height

An effective example of ergonomic testing with our VR tool is the “work above heart height” display: professionals know that working above heart height leads to reduced work performance and can even disrupt the blood cycle. The Ergo-Check in the VR-Tool therefore determines the individual heart height and displays the overload so that manual activities above heart height can be avoided or reduced in further workplace design.

Avoiding accidents

In addition to the health risks associated with working on machines and in assembly, unfortunately also accidents occur in factories time to time. It is not uncommon for employees to be trapped on equipment with a part of their body or get caught in the production process. In order to prevent such dramatic accidents, a correct ergonomic workplace plays an important role. Also in this case, the early virtual Ergo-Check can ideally help to prevent future accidents. The VR displays “Hand collision” and “Body collision” allow the acting person to check ergonomically from which position the virtual hand or body collides with the machine or a component. The obtained information serves the VR Tool user as an important reference and aid for planning further work activities.

R3DT offers the most user-friendly Virtual Reality (VR) software for everyday use in industrial engineering. Users can virtualize CAD data at the push of a button (without special knowledge) anytime and anywhere. This way, 3D models can be experienced 1:1 within a few minutes, just like in real life.

Here you can find different application possibilities, book a live demo or simply contact us!

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