Hammer Margrander Interior works with XR-EASY in customer advisory service

Hammer Margrander Interior arbeitet mit XR-EASY in der Kundenberatung

Craftspeople use virtual reality to give their customers the opportunity to virtually walk through their planned living spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, walk-in closets or even guest rooms and bars before implementation and avoid misunderstandings.

The interior design company Hammer Margrander Interior from Ettlingen (Baden) uses the VR software XR-EASY for this purpose. The use of VR in customer service can be the deciding factor in whether a company wins a project or not.

Managing Director Danny Hammer explains a key added value of VR as follows: “Customers have a better idea using the virtual presentation whether the new interior corresponds to their initial idea or if any changes are required. This helps to avoid misunderstandings in the first place!”

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