R3DT launched the XR-EASY App for all-in-one headsets at the AWE in Lisbon

With international trade shows such as the Augmented World Expo (AWE) 2022 and the annual Web Summit, the Portuguese city of Lisbon is considered a hotspot for IT startups. Here, in October 2022, R3DT’s team met many other innovators from the AR, VR, and mixed reality scenes from around the world.

The focus of the Karlsruhe VR pioneers’ trade show appearance was the product launch of XR-EASY as an app (APK) on standalone headsets called “All-in-One” by Pico, Meta (Quest), and HTC Vive. With this, the innovative VR software solution is no longer used solely for design reviews and assembly planning in the manufacturing sector but is also being used in sales of products requiring explanation as well as building and space planning. The new product name XR-EASY stands in the truest sense for the user-friendly user interface (UI) design of the VR software. This allows all stakeholders to intuitively operate and easily create virtual presentations based on existing 3D models.

Visitors to R3DT’s booth at AWE 2022 had the opportunity to test XR-EASY and experience the impressive results. The startup team was constantly busy demonstrating the functions of the software to the enthusiastic audience and reporting on the added value that can be generated for users. In particular, industry representatives showed a strong interest in optimizing design and assembly processes using VR technology and thus increasing efficiency in manufacturing planning. In addition, VR is increasingly being used in the B2B sector for product presentations or in the B2C sector for presenting kitchen, bathroom, or entire house and apartment plans.

The R3DT team was highly satisfied with its participation in AWE 2022 and is excited about the positive response its VR software XR-EASY received. The event provided a great opportunity to network with other innovators in the industry and explore the limits of what is possible with VR technology in the industrial sector and beyond. With their commitment to excellence and cutting-edge technology, the Karlsruhe-based company, which started as a spin-off from the KIT, is well-positioned to help companies of all sizes optimize their processes in various business functions and reap the benefits of VR technology.

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