VR as a Trend in Manufacturing Technology – Lecture & Live Test on May 5th in Stuttgart

“Trends in Manufacturing Technology” including Digitalization and Industry 4.0, as well as Extended Reality (XR), will be the focus of a networking event hosted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation (IPA) in Stuttgart on Friday, May 5th. The XR-EASY team will present their VR tool for engineering and planning, allowing visitors to test the VR application live. In the afternoon, CEO Achim Schneider will speak about “Virtual Prototypes in Manufacturing Planning: Better. Faster. Cheaper. with XR-EASY”.

“Trends in Manufacturing Technology” are constantly evolving, bringing new developments and opportunities. Mid-sized companies should stay up-to-date in order to respond to changing market demands.

This event offers exactly that: fresh ideas, new impulses, and an insight into the current trends and technologies in machine and plant construction, automation, robotics, and IT. All-day lectures will help deepen understanding of current topics and gather new ideas for one’s own company.

The in-person event also offers a valuable opportunity to make new contacts and deepen professional conversations. The target audience for the event is all manufacturing companies.

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