Planning in virtual space with the R3DT Virtual Reality tool at the IFFA trade fair

planning in virtual space

Richard Clemens of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) is convinced: “The simplicity of the VR tool benefits suppliers and customers who avoided the complexity of previous solutions”. 3D CAD data created during industrial engineering can be checked with the touch of a button with bare hands. Website for IFFA in Frankfurt, the world’s leading trade fair for the meat industry:

Experience mechanical engineering 4.0 with the VR tool from R3DT

In industrial engineering, in the planning of machines and production plants, planning is becoming increasingly complex and production cycles shorter. The risk of serious planning errors increases exponentially with increased deadline pressure. Virtual prototypes can counteract this because they enable critical design reviews early in the planning process. With R3DT’s VR tool, such reviews can be easily carried out in virtual space. The time-consuming creation of mockups can often be avoided. The tool enables work in virtual space with VR headset and bare hands. The data is generated by the software from the 3D CAD data of the plant manufacturer. Virtual prototypes can thus be experienced not only by the planning engineer, but also by other employees, the boss and especially the customers.

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