VR Studio celebrates trade fair premiere and is nominated for Auggie Awards

The VR Studio by XR-EASY allows professionals to present their clients with newly planned spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, or entire apartments, houses, and exhibition booths in lifelike virtual reality (VR) without any additional effort. The use of VR is particularly helpful in avoiding misunderstandings with customers and speeding up decision-making.

The innovative “all-in-one” VR headset technology was developed in collaboration with industry specialists and does not require any additional hardware. It is available online.

R3DT has already made a name for itself in industrial circles with its software XR-EASY since 2017. Now the software has been nominated for the prestigious sector a Auggie Awards 2023 in the “Best Collaboration Tool” category. To reach the finals, XR-EASY had to compete against almost 20 competitors.

Impressions from the küchenwohntrends trade fair in Salzburg in May 2023:

Experience your dream kitchen virtually before buying

The successful premiere of VR Studio at the exhibition of trends for home interiors and kitchens in Salzburg highlights the impressive performance of the young German company. The all-in-one VR solution enables architects, kitchen and bathroom specialists, carpenters and other professionals like exhibition construction companies to present their customers with a realistic 3D representation of planned spaces before they buy.

The disruptive technology requires only a wireless VR headset, such as Pico 4, Quest Pro, or Vive Focus 3, and Internet access. There is no need to spend money on an expensive gaming computer.

Faster sales and image boost for room planners

The all-in-one solution enables even laypeople to make a 3D virtual reality without any extra effort. “VR couldn’t be simpler,” says Achim Schneider, co-founder of the startup. Specialists can plan their projects using their familiar CAD software they are used to and then convert the 3D models into VR automatically using the XR-EASY software. Within minutes, customers can virtually explore their dream room using a wireless VR headset and get an authentic sense of the design. Using the virtual walk-through, open questions can be clarified quickly, and decisions can be made as desired. This not only leads to satisfied customers, but also to an image boost for kitchen and bathroom studios, craftsmen’s stores, architecture offices, and exhibition construction specialists, who use virtual reality to accelerate their sales closings.

From the customer’s virtual dream room to the actual implementation:

VR Studio
VR Studio

Helpful for avoiding misunderstandings and making decisions

The first users of the VR Studio are enthusiastic about the simplicity and the positive response from their customers. Martin Effenberg from Effenberg Interior Design and Joinery in Vienna describes the system as “truly unique” and praises the 360-degree added value it offers. Arthur Schneider, a kitchen and living space planner from Munich, is pleased with the realistic experience for buyers as early as the proposal phase and emphasizes how helpful this is in deciding on a design option. Simone Rieth from RK Küchenkultur (Böblingen) appreciates the flexible setup of the virtual studio, which is in fact possible at any time without the need for complex technology, and the ease with which anyone can move around the VR room. Carpenter Bernhard Fischer from Munich also benefits from VR, in part because his customers recommend him to others for offering design reviews in virtual reality. For interior design specialist Danny Hammer from Hammer Margrander Interior near Karlsruhe, one of the biggest advantages of VR is the avoidance of misunderstandings right from the start.

R3DT has long experience to provide software for all-in-one VR gaming headsets

R3DT’s XR-EASY software has been on the market since 2017 and has so far been used with extensive functions in engineering for assembly planning and design reviews. During the Corona pandemic, VR Studio was developed as a special variant for sales and marketing in the end customer business. The HAMMES Software GmbH, an international software provider for creative kitchen and living space planning, supported the development and thus became the first partner to market VR Studio directly to its customers as an add-on module.

Since April 2023, the VR tool has been available as an addition to existing CAD programs and 3D configurators worldwide via an online store. Interested parties can simply download the VR application to their Windows PC, then convert a graphic file of the supported formats FBX, GLTF and OBJ and test it directly with commercially available “all-in-one” VR headsets from providers such as Meta (Quest), Pico or HTC (Vive). Beforehand, the appropriate XR-EASY app is installed on the VR headset, just like on a smartphone.

SMEs can benefit from various federal and state funding programs for digitization projects such as VR. Information on funding opportunities is easily accessible on the Internet.

For more information about XR-EASY’s VR Studio and the VR all-in-one package, visit www.xr-easy.com/vr-studio.

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