How GHH uses Virtual Reality in different project phases

GHH Fahrzeuge uses XR-EASY in the design and optimization of the cabins of their underground mining and tunneling vehicles. The VR tool helps GHH save time and money by allowing for faster problem identification and eliminating the need for an expensive mockup.

Find out more about the use of XR-EASY® at GHH in the following interview with Dr. Felix Straßburger, Product Line Manager Trucks at GHH.

Interview with Dr. Felix Straßburger


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Who is the customer and user of the virtual reality tool?

My name is Felix Strassburger. I work at GHH Fahrzeuge. GHH Fahrzeuge builds loaders and dump trucks for underground use in mining and tunneling.

How do you use the VR tool?

At our company, the VR tool is used in different project phases.

  1. First, in an early project phase, in which we design the cabin. Here, the overview for the driver from the cabin is checked and optimized.
  2. The second use case for GHH is ergonomics optimization. Here, the focus is to optimally arrange the individual controls within the cabin so that they are easily visible and accessible.

What are the greatest benefits of the VR tool for GHH?

In the engineering application, it has become clear that the tool gives us the opportunity to identify problems more quickly. The other big advantage for us is that we can save a lot of time and money because there is no need to build an expensive mockup.

What is your personal experience with the VR tool?

From personal experience, I can say that the tool is easy and intuitive to use. Both the application is easy to understand and importing models is straightforward. Even with complex and large models this was no problem. If you use the tool on a laptop, it is suitable for mobile use, such as during meetings or when working from home.

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