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What does Design Review mean?

A design review is a process used to evaluate the design of a product or system for quality, function, and adherence to specifications and standards. The purpose of a design review is to identify any potential issues or problems with the design before it is released for production or implementation. The review typically involves a team of experts and stakeholders who evaluate the design using a set of established criteria and provide feedback to the design team. The review can also be a meeting where the review team discuss and make decision on the design.

Design reviews can take place at various stages of the design process, and different types of reviews may focus on different aspects of the design. For example, a conceptual design review may focus on the overall strategy and feasibility of the design, while a detailed design review may focus on specific components or features.

The Design review process is important step in the product development as it can identify any issues early on, allowing them to be addressed before significant resources have been invested in the project, and it helps to avoid costly mistakes and delays in the later stages of the project.

How can VR help in the Design Review?

VR (Virtual Reality) can help in the design review process by allowing stakeholders to experience a virtual representation of the design in a more immersive and interactive way. This can be particularly useful for architects, engineers and construction professionals who need to visualize and communicate the design of a building or structure. VR can also be used to identify potential issues or conflicts in the design before construction begins, saving time and money. Additionally, VR can help stakeholders to better understand and provide feedback on the design, which can lead to a more successful final product.

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