R3DT markets new VR software as XR-EASY


R3DT’s mission is to offer the most user-friendly virtual reality software for engineering and planning. To make the “ease of use” challenge clear, the VR pioneer from Karlsruhe renewed its brand presence: The VR software of the German start-up, which launched in 2017 as Cross Connected®, will henceforth be marketed under the name XR-EASY®. The acronym “XR” stands for extended reality industry-wide, and is the umbrella term for technologies that create computer-generated environments or objects that can be experienced with XR capable devices immersive “like in real”. Combined with the word “easy”, which is used the same in most cultures, there is no better expression than XR-EASY® to sum up the software company’s product: Anyone can virtually experience her/his future reality anytime and anywhere, hence R3DT’s slogan: Meet Your Reality.

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