Efficient and Ergonomic Planning of Work Lines in the Virtual World


Digital Workplace: A Project at Drive Manufacturer STÖBER

STÖBER is a manufacturer of drive technology and supplies machine manufacturers from a wide range of industries worldwide with excellent drive systems. The company attaches great importance to the well-being of its employees. In order to ensure this, STÖBER has set itself the ergonomically optimal design of workplaces as an important goal. Together with the IT system house Bechtle and our Virtual Reality Tool, this goal can now be achieved even more easily.

In the past, STÖBER met the challenges of production design, in the conception and construction of work lines, by creating elaborate prototypes. During a visit to Bechtle’s “Digital Workplace” showroom, where, among other things, R3DT’s VR tool was presented, STÖBER quickly recognized the opportunities offered by virtual reality for designing and optimizing its own assembly lines.

During a three-week proof of concept, STÖBER had the opportunity to test the software with the hardware provided by Bechtle. In about four hours, the setup and introduction of the software was completed by our employees and was ready for use. After only a short time, Stöber was able to identify optimization potential within the VR applications and process it in the model in just a few steps. A process that would have taken half a year without virtual reality could be carried out here in just a few days.

In addition to the advantages of enormous time savings and the avoidance of subsequent, costly changes to the prototype, STÖBER emphasizes the usability of the software: simply set it up and get started.

“For me, the focus was always on involving my colleagues and taking them along on the journey. They were shown the possibilities of digitization and fears were allayed. Our production of the future has thus become a live experience before construction.”

Marc Schneider, Team Leader Gearbox Assembly, STÖBER Antriebstechnik GmbH + Co. KG

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More Information

For more information on the project at drive manufacturer STÖBER with our joint IT partner BECHTLE, click here.

R3DT offers the most user-friendly Virtual Reality (VR) software for everyday use in industrial engineering. Users can virtualize CAD data at the push of a button (without special knowledge) anytime and anywhere. This way, 3D models can be experienced 1:1 within a few minutes, just like in real life.

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