The Virtual Reality tool from R3DT is a “Lighthouse project for the production of the future”

r3dt called a lighthouse project

With this title, Secretary of State for Economic Affairs Katrin Schütz awarded the Karlsruhe start-up R3DT, which aims to revolutionize industrial engineering with its Virtual Reality (VR) tool. The “Alliance Industry 4.0” network initiated by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics and led by the VDMA awards the prize to companies that have successfully implemented Industry 4.0 in their everyday operations. Click here for the report of the managing director and co-founder Achim Schneider.

Using VR technology to facilitate product development and production planning

R3DT GmbH is a spin-off of the KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology). Its core innovation is the VR software Cross Connected. Users can use it to create their 3D CAD data “at the push of a button” for load a realistic, interactive experience into the virtual space. The planning of products, production lines or assembly workstations becomes faster, safer and location-independent with the created virtual prototypes. Wherever VR headset and VR software are available anyone can work with the current virtual prototype without training. The planning is thus made clear and can also be used in marketing at trade fairs and in sales for project planning. In addition to the degree of innovation, the practical relevance is an important criterion for the price.

r3dt group

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